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Why K-fee®?


The K-fee® system was inspired by our passion for high-quality coffee. Its unique features stand out in the coffee industry because of how each part works in perfect harmony, from the best ingredients and unique pod technology to our innovative machines and accessories. The final result, a café-like crema that lets you relish in your premium espresso.

Explore K-fee® Multi-Beverage Systems


Get your favorite café drink, at home. Whatever your flavor, you’ll get a premium brewed beverage every time. From pod to machine, the K-fee® system works together to bring you indulgent coffee.

  1. K-fee® pods – because wonderful drinks depend on excellent coffee and other ingredients.
  2. The K-fee® technology, pods that were developed in tandem with the machines themselves to bring you the perfect brew. 
  3. The sophisticated coffee makers with their cutting-edge design and Duo Pressure performance.



For espressos and lungos, our machines all build up pressure in the pod until it reaches 8–10 bars – just like in a portafilter machine used by baristas. This creates perfect, velvety crema the same as you would experience in your favorite café.


Every K-fee® multi beverage system can also drop the pressure, down to just 2–4 bars so that no crema is produced, just smooth, rich coffee. This is the result of special technology that is unique to K-fee®.


Coffee & Espresso Pods

How does a barista make an espresso? Freshly ground coffee is placed into the portafilter of the large espresso machine and pressed down with a tamper.

In K-fee® pods, thanks to their innovative design, this process is replicated by the remarkable capsule shape and unique technology.

This creates the perfect drink cup after cup.

We call that Smart Brew.


AUthentic espresso

Slow infusion and a special pod shape mimics the barista tamping down the espresso creating a wonderful crema drink after drink.

  • Smart Brew: for the right pressure
  • Protected aroma: the coffee’s freshness is protected by an aroma seal
  • Slow infusion: the water flows through the capsules at the ideal speed to create the perfect flavor



In addition to espresso drinks, K-fee® multi-beverage pod machines produce classic large cups of brew-style coffee. A unique type of pod is used here, with a filter made from fleece and a removable tab on the bottom. All your favorite coffee varieties with one machine: the choice is yours!

  • Fleece filter: filters coffee to produce a distinctive, pure brewed coffee taste;
  • Pull tab: increases the flow rate, preventing a crema layer



The K-fee® concept is born

Since 1971, the KRÜGER Group has been inspired by the vision of making it easy for people to enjoy top-quality hot drinks in the comfort of their own home. We wondered how we could achieve this while offering the range of choice found in a first-rate café. The idea was a system of single serve beverage machines and pods for espresso, lungo, brew-style coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato and more. The K-fee® system!


K-fee® comes home

After two years of research and development as well as many delicious taste tests, the K-fee® system was complete – a unique multi-beverage system. That was a real milestone for us, and so K-fee® also became a separate limited company. The first K-fee® single serve coffee makers, designed in Switzerland.



K-fee® then went down under. In 2011, the K-fee® system made its first international breakthrough in Australia – a country in love with espresso. Today, K-fee® system single serve coffee makers are the bestselling coffee makers in Australian supermarkets. The US and Canada also got to know and love the K-Fee® system in 2012 through the partner Starbucks®*, the world’s most popular coffee shop chain.


Big in Germany

Some stars return from an overseas tour and then become even more successful at home. The K-fee® system story is similar: Aldi Süd®*, part of the world’s largest low-cost supermarket, became a partner of the K-fee® system for the German market in 2013. Teekanne®*, the largest teabag producer in the world, launched an independent tea pod system with K-fee® in the following year.


Drum Roll

Which coffee shops do we admire the most? Those that roast their own beans with a drum roaster on-site. We wanted to create the same feeling with the K-fee® system. So we built our own roasting house at our company headquarters in Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany, complete with drum roasters, and expanded production. The green coffee supplied does not leave the factory until it has been roasted and contained in pods. Mmm, delicious!


Introducing Mr & Mrs Mill®

A completely new brand was created for the K-fee® system with Mr & Mrs Mill®. The focus is very much on craftsmanship and enjoyment, as reflected in the slogan ‘The Power of Slow’ and a unique slow-roasting philosophy. Pioneering and visionary, Mr & Mrs Mill® searches with insatiable curiosity to find fine varieties of coffee in the most important growing areas, resulting in personal moments of pleasure.


K-fee® comes to the usa

The K-fee® system brings Duo Pressure coffee technology to the USA, the home of millions of coffee lovers. Consumers can shop for K-fee® coffee and espresso makers, handpicked for the American market, as well as a custom range of Mr & Mrs Mill® espresso, coffee and Milly Moo milk pods at retailers Bed, Bath & Beyond and Amazon.