It Is Time for Probably the Best Milk Frother

Which milk foam do you love most?

When was the last time you had a cup of instant coffee, by accident, at your office or at your grandparents? We live in lucky times that coffee specialities like cappuccino, flat white and latte are virtually only an arm’s length away when we visit the high street or even supermarkets and gas stations. What's your favourite? Typical Italian cappuccino, with firm milk foam curving over the edge of the cup? Delicious creamy cappuccino and flat white from stylish coffee bars, decorated with tempting Latte Art? Or a large and milky latte?

No matter how you prefer to drink your coffee, the trick is to turn milk into the perfect milk foam in the ideal consistency.

For the professional baristas in the coffee bars it's not that hard, they do it professionally and hundreds of times a day. But at home or in the office, however, a way more simple solution is needed to obtain milk foam at a professional level.

Lattaero gives you milk foam happiness

Sure thing: We (and you) need a milk frother that can do everything (and doubles as a statement piece, of course). Above all, we wanted to do it better than many other devices. That's why we first acquired all the milk frothers on the market, because we wanted to know which one is the best milk frother. What we’ve seen was like … if these are the best milk frothers, probably there is no best milk frother available at all. That’s why we started with a blank sheet of paper and developed Lattaero. At the push of a button, it gives you exactly the milk foam you want for your coffee speciality.

  1. Milk foam challenge: Sometimes you want creamy milk foam for a barista-style flat white cappuccino, sometimes you want firm milk foam for a latte or mocha. Lattaero can do both. At the push of a button. Plus cold milk foam. And warm milk. And you can also make non-coffee drinkers happy with a chai latte or matcha latte.
  2. The button challenge: Typical situation: Monday, 7am. Low cappuccino level alert. So just put a coffee capsule into the K-fee® machine, pour the milk in Lattaero, press the button for creamy or firm milk foam and the rest runs almost automatically. Works even with your eyes still half closed. Because there is a separate illuminated button for each function. Some other devices simply don’t offer as many functions, or you need a double click or the manual.
  3. The whisking challenge: There are machines that have a whisk for milk foam and one for warm milk. There is always exactly the wrong whisk in the device or the important part is lost. Lattaero has only one whisk for everything, the rest is controlled by the electronics (that's their job, apparently). 
  4. Cleaning-challenge: There are machines where you can't take off the cup. Utter nonsense. You have to unplug the device for rinsing. Lattaero obviously offers a removable cup. Then there are the devices with stainless steel cups. Great idea, but unfortunately a lot of milk foam gets stuck in the cup during pouring, which you have to take out with a spoon afterwards. And when milk residues dry on stainless steel, the cleaning effort is quite high. Lattaero therefore is PTFE coated, like a non-stick pan. Firstly, the pouring process works very well and secondly, the cleaning under hot water is totally simple (the non-stick effect needs heat to function better). The cup is also dishwasher-safe.

How to make milk foam: Just choose your milk

The classic milk for milk foam is of course cow's milk. We have tested the milk frother Lattaero with all kinds of milk and all fat levels – the results are very good. Of course, the milk types behave a little bit differently, because milk is a natural product. The milk foam result depends on how much protein and how many lecithins are present in the milk. Milk protein and lecithins are natural emulsifiers that bind fat and water to each other. In the frothing process they also bind air and create the milk foam. Almond milk and soy milk naturally contain a lot of lecithin and provide great milk froth in the Lattaero as well.

Fancy hot experiments with cold milk foam?

With Lattaero you can also make cold milk foam, and you can use it in many creative and awesome ways. How about an iced latte macchiato? First make a K-fee® espresso, cool it down with ice cubes and fill it with cold milk foam. A refreshing surprise in summer! Or use cold milk foam as a low-calorie substitute for whipped cream: on ice cream, for desserts and cakes, or to give your mulligatawny or tomato soup a surprisingly light and elegant twist.

Get ready for even more milk foam opportunities 

Milk capsules: for infrequent users

From K-fee® you already know the ESPRESTO milk capsules, which you simply put into the K-fee® capsule machine and create a wonderful portion of milk foam for your K-fee® coffee at the push of a button. This is ideal if you don't feel like handling fresh milk, for example in the office –you don't need a refrigerator for the milk capsules.

Lattensia: for frequent users

With the K-fee® Lattensia you get your coffee speciality prepared with your favourite milk. Advantage: Less preparation effort and you only need one machine. Because the milk is sucked in via a tube and frothed directly in the Lattensia, you can quickly make a lot of cappuccinos and lattes in a row. This is ideal for families, if you often have friends to visit or for larger offices.