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Longing for a large cup of coffee, a velvety espresso or a silky, smooth latte? Every K-fee machine offers you all of these drinks and more. Our superior technology and reliable design come standard, never worry about questionable coffee or leaky machines again.

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FROM sleek to sophisticated – K-FEE coffee & espresso makers

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innovative technology & award-winning design

K-fee excels at innovation. Our Duo Pressure technology comes standard with every system: high pressure for espresso with perfect crema and low pressure for brew-style coffee, all within each multifaceted machine. You won’t get a luxury experience like this from any other machine.

EVERY K-FEE coffee & Espresso maker OFFERS:

  • Warm-up time of 15 seconds
  • Illuminated buttons
  • Programmable cup fill volumes
  • Removable water tank

which k-fee coffee maker is right for you?

For every coffee and espresso lover, there is a K-fee machine that fits your lifestyle and preferences. Twins II is for the coffee lover who enjoys a cup a day, while the Twins II + Latte is for the coffee drinker who enjoys the addition of milk to their beverages like a rich latte or macchiato, and the Grande for larger families or small offices. In addition, our stand-alone Lattaero Milk Frother makes frothing any beverage a whirl.

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Creamy milk foam for a barista-style cappuccino? Thick milk foam for a latte macchiato? Foam from fresh milk, long-life milk and even soya milk or almond milk? You expect your new milk frother to pass your daily tests. That is why we designed the Lattaero to deliver excellent results with most types of milk.

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Cutting-edge technology

We are particularly proud of our Duo Pressure technology.  Perfect pressure for perfect flavor.  Thanks to this smart technology, you have a coffee house experience from home with just one machine!

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