Product Care

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Product Care

Cleaning & Care for your premium coffee system

True coffee lovers need a pod machine that delivers coffee shop performance everyday. Because every coffee and espresso machine is designed for best-in-class quality, we use high-quality materials and durable components for long service life and high level of functionality.

Your coffee maker will need regular cleaning to maintain its high-quality function in the long run. Both the machine and the water tank need to be cleaned. The minerals in the water you use for brewing coffee can build up over time and potentially damage pod machines. Descaling should be carried out on a regular basis, depending on the hardness of your water.

A liquid descaler suitable for coffee machines can be used for descaling your K-fee coffee and espresso maker.  Follow the manufacturer's instructions and never use vinegar or vinegar based cleaner as a substitute for descaler as it may damage the tubes and seals within the machine.  We recommend that you descale your K-fee coffee maker approximately once a month, depending on frequency of use.