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100% Compatible with the starbucks® verismo®* system

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Taste Tip: Espresso

This pod is perfect for making espresso, complete with a sensational crema, the velvety foam on top that is a hallmark of a perfectly pulled espresso shot. Each K-fee coffee and espresso maker has its own espresso button that allows you to set the amount of water dispensed. To enjoy a cappuccino, or other espresso drink made with milk, we recommend our MILLY MOO pods or using fresh milk in our machines with an integrated milk frother or using the stand alone milk frother.

The K-fee Difference

Indulgence takes time

Because we love craftsmanship and the aroma of coffee, we dedicate our heart and soul to our slow-roasting philosophy. Slow, gentle roasting allows us to bring out the distinctive flavors of the finest coffees from around the world. From this stage, we create sophisticated, full-bodied coffee for unique moments of pleasure.

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